Maintenance Assistance

Proper maintenance of your landscape lighting system.
(To keep warranties in effect)

Proper maintenance of a landscape lighting system will ensure the design integrity and the optimal performance of all the components. It is required to keep warranties in effect. While we recommend that you use a trained professional for many of your maintenance needs, there are some things that owners can and should do to reduce maintenance and repair costs.
The preventative steps that you can take include, but are not limited to are:

  • Make sure that well light and other fixtures are not mulched over or covered by any material. A fixture covered with mulch or leaves won’t perform as designed. It also has the potential to start a fire with the intense heat that can build up in, and around, a buried fixture.
  • Prevent damage in any way to the wire(s) that feed the fixtures. This includes the wires that feed up the trunk of the trees where down lights are present. Any exposed copper from within the wire can cause a hazardous situation, and should be dealt with immediately.
  • Regular cleaning of the fixtures can dramatically increase their life span and also help maintain their original look. Clean fixtures allow your lighting system to operate at optimal performance levels for the best overall appearance. Plant material can grow around fixtures causing them to be ineffective and need to be controlled. Also a build up of dirt and dust on the lens should be removed with Windex or soapy water yearly or when visible.
  • Whenever excavation is going to be done on your property, we suggest that you have our technicians mark all of the landscape lighting lines that are present at your home. This will dramatically cut down on the damage that can be done to your lighting system, and keep all components in working order, again prolonging the life of your system.
  • Replace lamps that have burned out. Not only does this allow you to enjoy your lighting, it maintains the designed voltage and prolongs the lamp life of the other lamps on the circuit.
  • Taking the time to point out the locations of your fixtures to other contractors, like landscapers, will reduce the damage to the lighting components. This will also reduce any repairs that will need to be made.

We take great pride in the quality of the initial installation and in assisting our customers with repairs and the routine maintenance of their valuable landscape lighting systems. We address the above as part of a typical service call visit, but you can reduce the need for our visits by taking many of these steps to prevent damage and maintain your landscape lighting system.